Application to the 3 Year Ph.D. Program

Application to the 3 Year Ph.D. Program
(For Those With an Undergraduate or Advanced Degree)

How to Apply and Enroll in the Panama College of Cell Science

There is No Application Fee….Apply Anytime

Rolling Admissions…Apply Anytime!!

Start Dates (and cut-off times)

 We operate on a trimester schedule and therefore have three Start Dates:

January 1 (for students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by November 30)

May 1 (for students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by March 30) 

September 1 (for students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by July 30)

This section will tell you how you can apply for admission to the Panama College of Cell Science. This is a well respected 3 year PhD program in cell sciences that you can complete entirely from your home or office at a reasonable cost. For Tuition information, Click on the button above: “Tuition Fees and Other Costs”.

In this section, you will learn:

(1) How to Apply
(2) When to Apply
(3) How to Pay
(4) How Your Evaluation is Conducted
(5) What to do After Acceptance



This is Your Checklist for a Complete Application. Please E-mail These 4 Items as an Application Package:

_____(1) Cover Letter: Submit a Cover Letter as an email or as a pdf attachment containing the following information:

A. Contact Information, including full legal name, mailing address, country, and e-mail address.

B. Citizenship

C. Date of Birth:  It is essential that you supply your date of birth in the format: mm/dd/yyyy. Your date of birth is used as your password for accessing your transcript and education record, which is permanently maintained online and accessible to you, or to anyone such as an employer, you choose to give your password, at any time at no charge. We do not discriminate whatsoever regarding age, but our Board determined that in setting up the permanent online records procedure and database, that your date of birth would be the best password for students to use. This will be your permanent password and CANNOT be changed. So please provide the date of birth that corresponds to your other legal records so that YOU can remember it.

D. Education: Please list the name and address of all colleges and universities attended, and degrees awarded, and date awarded. If you attended a college or university but did not complete the program, please summarize the level of studies achieved.

E. Special Additional Training or Experience: Please summarize any special training, work experience, or other education involving the biomedical sciences, health sciences, or clinical medicine.

F. Please state if you are seeking any credit for previous courses taken or credit as a published scientist against the dissertation requirement. Please specify what course(s) in our program you are seeking credit for and why.

G. Internet Connection: Please summarize the availability to you of a high-speed internet connection, broadband not required, but at least ADSL or DSL needed.

_____(2)  Resume or Curriculum Vitae: Please attach as a pdf document only.  This is not needed if you have not been out of school more than 2 years.

_____(3) Copies of Transcripts for post-secondary school (colleges and universities), pdf format only. (Send official transcripts only after acceptance if requested).

_____(4)   Copies of Degrees awarded, pdf format only.

Only portable document files (.pdf) are acceptable. Submit your Application Documents by email in pdf format to:


Applications are considered all year long, so you may apply anytime and enrollments occur throughout the year.  Upon enrollment, you will begin your studies on one of  the start dates listed above (September 1, May 1, or January 1), or possibly on an earlier month depending on our schedule and when your payment is received. In any case, once your tuition payment is received, we will let you know the the earliest month you can begin, following our completion of your Private Student Portal, which takes a month or so to complete. In no cases may a student start December 1, due to end of year wrap-up and staff holidays.


All payments for  Tuition  can be made by going to the How To Pay page,


When your Application Documents are received, we may contact you for further information. We will then consider your Application,

a. to determine if you meet the educational requirements
b. to determine if you are entitled to any credits for courses previously taken or if you are entitled as a published scientist to waiver of dissertation requirement.
c. to determine, based on your submissions, whether we feel you will be able to complete the program successfully
d. to determine, whether or not to issue an Acceptance Letter. If you receive a non-acceptance letter and you disagree, you will have the opportunity to comment on the reviewer’s concerns, in which case, if a satisfactory response is received, you will be accepted to the program.

We hope to complete all reviews within about 10 business days.


When you receive an Acceptance Letter, you will be told your trimester starting date. We estimate that 30 days is required for a student to organize his/her internet connection, to obtain applicable texts, and to arrange for tuition payment. Plus, the College needs time as well to assign available faculty to your courses, and also to assign you a  Faculty Mentor.

In order to complete your enrollment process after Acceptance, please go to the How To Pay page and pay the tuition and any other fees required,  or as directed in your accompanying Invoice.

Please direct any questions to:

Come join and learn the new biology…stem cell science!