Tuition and Fees

$3450 USD per year with Payment Plan
$3200 USD Advance  Payment Per Year

[By special agreement, students residing in India have discounted annual tuition of $2,950 USD with payment plan; or $2,700 lump sum advance payment per year]

The tuition for the Panama College of Cell Science is $3,450 USD/year. This may be paid under an interest free monthly payment plan of $1050 USD down, with monthly payments over the subsequent 8 months of $300 USD/month.  The total tuition for the 3 year program is $10,350 USD, which assumes the student completes his/her dissertation within 1 year. Comprising 72 trimester hours credit, this breaks down to $144/credit. The Faculty contemplates that 1 year is sufficient time to complete the appropriate dissertation; however additional tuition  is required if the student requires another year to finalize their independent work. Tuition is discounted to $3,200/year for students who pay the full $3200 in advance in one lump sum. This would yield a total cost of the program for tuition of $9,600, a very good value for a Ph.D. degree.

There is no Application Fee.

Tuition fees include ALL textbooks and other learning materials. You will not have to pay anything further for your education. Normally, students elsewhere have to pay about $500 per course for texts, which amounts to $1500 per term, or up to $4500 additional per year.  We eliminate all costs for textbooks and learning materials! Textbooks are supplied to students free in PDF form. So please keep in mind that our fees include all learning materials as well. All tuition fees include a no interest payment plan as well as a discount for advance lump sum payment.

Miscellaneous nominal administrative fees are not listed here.