Is a Foreign Biology Graduate School Right for Me?

Most Americans are unaware that a foreign graduate school, and in fact foreign education in general, is an option worth considering. If you attend a campus based program overseas, you gain the additional experience of living in a foreign country.

Many overseas institutions are much more affordable than in the USA, which is another big drawing point,  and many programs are English based even in countries in which English is not the main language.

Some students may wonder if their international degree will be acceptable in the US, and the answer is “Yes”. Foreign degrees are routinely accepted by the US Federal Government for employment, as well as by state and private employers.

Of course, for licensed professions such as medicine or law, other requirements must normally be met as well, to ensure that licensing can be obtained.

The Panama College of Cell Science is an international educational institution operating as a virtual college,  offering its program globally via distance learning.  We are an international biology graduate school offering an online PhD degree program.  And our program is very affordable compared to every other US biology graduate school program you might consider.


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