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How to Make Payments to Panama College of Cell Science

Only Bank Wire Transfers to Our Bank In the USA or Overseas Are Accepted for Payment of  Tuition for the Panama College of Cell Science

You do not need a bank account to make a wire transfer. Most banks will provide this service for a nominal fee even if you don’t have an account with them.

There are No Refunds—No Exceptions

For Tuition, we keep it simple. We charge annually and for any portion thereof, and not by time or credits. That way, you always know what your total charges are!!

Tuition including all textbooks and learning materials:  $3450 USD per year, payable $1050 USD down payment upon your acceptance into the College, and $300 USD per month thereafter, for eight months;  OR $3200 USD advance lump sum payment per year.

(A) For Applicants and Students within the USA  Only
[International Students See Part B Below]

As a convenience for our USA students, we maintain a US bank account in the name of Blue Marble Education Group Inc. This company handles all payments not only for the Panama College of Cell Science but also for students enrolled in our parent institution, Blue Marble University. Students inside the USA should make payments by Domestic Wire Transfer (also referred to as “ACH”) using the ABA Routing number that will be supplied to you when you are accepted into the program.

Most students are able to send funds either by Domestic Wire Transfer, Electronic Transfer from an Online Bank Account, or via transfer through Western Union for which you may use a credit card or debit card.

When you are accepted into our program, you will be given payment instructions at that time.

(B) International Students Outside the USA

Be careful of fraud. Send funds only to our designated bank account:
Blue Marble Education Group Inc.

When you are accepted into our program, you will be issued an Invoice which will give you further instructions, such as account numbers and so forth, as well as information for making payment via Western Union and via Direct International Wires using SWIFT Code.

Most international students use the convenient and inexpensive service to send funds to our US bank account. Others are able to transfer funds to our bank using Western Union,  the gold standard for international cross border payments.


You will ALWAYS receive an Immediate Receipt from the Panama College of Cell Science via email for any and all payments made.


If you need help or have any problem with paying, please contact the College for help: