Admission Requirements

A Bachelors Degree with science courses such as biology, chemistry, and mathematics is required. In some circumstances, a Bachelors Degree with a concentration in liberal arts may be considered, but only if the applicant has other training, work experience , or lab experience in the sciences. The course work for this program is based in the biomedical sciences and is a doctoral program. Students with no science background will have have difficulty completing the course work and dissertation.

Students who have a no-science Bachelors Degree, but do have a Masters Degree in the biomedical sciences are also qualified for Admission.

Students with a Masters Degree in the sciences may be considered for a credit against some of the required courses. This decision can only be made in connection with a formal application. No advisory opinions can be issued prior to application. Credits are not favored. However the grant of credits will be fairly considered, but the burden is on the student to demonstrate past proficiency with respect to a particular subject.

Applicants are required to have access to high speed internet. This includes the need for access to the latest web browsers. It will just not be possible to complete the course work and internet literature research with only a dial-up connection.  Access  to high speed internet can be found at your local library, community college, university, or internet cafe.

So, in summary, the requirements for Admission are:

(a) Prepare and file the Application with supporting documents and fee.

(b) Have any of the following educational prerequisites:

  • — BA or BS with science concentration, or
  • — BA  with additional training or work experience in biomedical science, or
  • — MA or MS in biomedical sciences

(c ) Have access to high speed internet connection

Enrollment may be limited: Simply meeting the technical requirements for enrollment does not guarantee admission. Your overall presentation and other subjective factors may play a role in determining if you are a good fit for our programs.