The issuance of our doctoral degrees is reviewed and approved by PhD faculty.

As for day to day operations, we have moved away from the use of a part-time faculty panel to a few full time core faculty and instructors which serve as mentors and guides and monitor the students’ progress through the program.

Teaching Faculty

From time to time applicants inquire about our teaching faculty. While we do have some “in house” faculty members, we rely primarily on learned experts who have generously made their lectures and knowledge available to the world online. So, through the use of video lectures and other online resources, our courses are “taught” by world-renowned experts, lecturers, and authors. Our in-house faculty members serve primarily in the roles of Mentors and Advisors, answer questions, and generally supervise the course content.  In this way, we can offer lectures and content from qualified faculty from other international institutions like the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, yet which are not on our staff nor associated with us. Internationally acclaimed faculty thus become our faculty for some courses and lectures.

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Our teaching faculty also includes our Director, Walter P. Drake, a published scientist within the fields of tumor immunology and stem cell medicine, and a recent co-author of the first definitive report published in the U.S. demonstrating the safety of adult stem cell treatment in a variety of disease conditions involving 676 patients. Click for PDF version: Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction. J Clin Med Res 2017: 9(11): 935-942. Dr. Drake’s CV can be found Here: WalterPDrakeCV2020

(A) Permanent Staff

Dr. Walter P. Drake, Director, Panama College of Cell Science
J.D.,  University of Baltimore (USA); PhD , Panama College Of Cell Science 

A published scientist in the field of tumor immunology, with 25 lead author research reports in bio-medical journals, Dr. Drake covers some of our most important courses, having been studying the stem cell field for over 15 years.  Dr. Drake is also the Director of the Drake Biomedical Institute, a patient advocacy organization, which helps to sponsor the College.

(B) Adjunct Staff: We have a volunteer corps of PhD faculty from all over the world that assist us without remuneration because they are interested as we are in the delivery of high class quality education at an affordable price. Many are seeking teaching and mentoring experience. Most volunteer for a short term.