New Five Year Biology BS/PhD Program for High School Graduates and Homeschoolers

The Panama College of Cell Science has recently revised its undergraduate biology program leading to a combination Bachelor/Doctoral degree within 5 years. Not only does the program delve into the modern biology of stem cell science, but it delivers a B.S./Ph.D. degrees in a little over the time it takes for a traditional four-year undergraduate program.

As Director of the College Walter P. Drake stated: “We took a look at what the US Department of Education was saying about seat time and irrelevant general education requirements and found that the Department of Education was encouraging the development of novel programs that abandoned general education requirements. The Department of Education has stated that general education courses should not be required. That those two years of “seat time” should be abolished. “Seat time”, which is the foundation of “accreditation” in the USA, is the old fashioned, outdated requirement that a student spend a required amount of time including the taking of required general studies courses in order to receive a Bachelors Degree. In its “National Education Technology Plan 2010”,  the US Department of Education recognized that “seat time” has got to go. At Page 12 of the report: “One of the most basic assumptions in our education system [accreditation] is time-based or “seat-time” measures of educational attainment…. [colleges and universities should be organized] around competence rather than seat time and others that enable more flexible scheduling that fits studentsʼ individual needs rather than traditional academic periods and lockstep curriculum pacing.”

We also found that Brown University, ranked #14 in the List of Best Colleges and Universities, has no general education requirements. We believe that in eliminating all general education courses from our Curriculum, students have more time to concentrate on courses that advance the program and advance their better understanding of stem cell science”.

Stem cell biology is the most funded scientific inquiry in the US today and will be so for many years to come. Stem cell therapies are the most popular therapy being sought internationally in various countries. Stem cell institutions and clinics are the most prolific international treatment centers treating thousands of patients annually. If you want to really be involved in the new biology, we have the best program for you.

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