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The Panama College of Cell Science has been teaching stem cell biology for almost 20 years. It remains the only fully online PhD program in the stem cell sciences. Useful not only as a stand alone stem cell PhD Degree, the program is of interest to students from the pharmaceutical industry.  Stem cell “Exosomes” are the new buzzwords in pharmaceutical science and a lot of development work on the isolation and delivery of exosomes for human therapy and regeneration is now being undertaken by pharmaceutical scientists.  Since the curriculum of the Panama College of Cell Science dives deeply into cytokines, growth factors, and exosomes from birth tissues, stem cell conditioned media, amniotic fluid and other sources, our 3 year online PhD degree is a perfect match for those in the  pharmaceutical field or for those wanting to enter the pharmaceutical industry. 

The fairly recent discovery that plant exosomes have similar biological effects has really raised interest in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical fields. Courses at the Panama College of Cell Science cover the isolation and characteristics of plant exosomes as well.  One of our graduate students recently completed a published paper on the characteristics of exosomes isolated from coconut water, showing that they were similar to those secreted by human stem cell cultures. The paper can be found published online here:
Shen, Tong (2021): Characterization and Comparison of Exosomes Found in Stem Cell Cultures to Those Found in Plant Botanicals Especially Cocos Nucifera. figshare.

Or download a copy Here:   Tong Shen Review Paper

Following the recent publication of the “Drake-Hicks Protocol For In Situ Release of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Cytokines Following Abdominal Lipolysis” in January 2023, some of our graduate students from the Panama College of Cell Science  have been turning their attention to studying more about how abdominal lipolysis and in situ activation of abdominal mesenchymal stem cells might be able to substitute for the current requirement of liposuction as a means of obtaining stem cells and cytokines for stem cell therapy.

This is what adipose tissue contains, from an image excerpted from
Christine Bourgeois et al., “Specific Biological Features of Adipose Tissue, and Their Impact on HIV Persistence” Front. Microbiol. (2019) 10: (Article 2837): 1-25.

Click on image to make bigger:

Drake-Hicks proposed that injection lipolysis, that is, disrupting abdominal fatty tissue using detergent compounds and enzymes such collagenase could effectively break up the cellular matrix, thereby releasing stem cells and beneficial cytokines into the peripheral blood, leading to various therapeutic effects. Other possible formats for abdominal adipolysis were also discussed, such as the use of low level light lasers and ultrasound. Published in association with the Panama College of Cell Science at:

Drake, Walter P; Hicks, Sr., Laurence V. (2023): Drake-Hicks Protocol For In Situ Release of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Cytokines Following Abdominal Lipolysis. figshare. Journal contribution. 

The paper can be read or downloaded Here: Drake-Hicks Protocol

One of our graduate students, a veterinarian, is currently studying the effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy in dogs to determine if stem cell and cytokine release can be initiated from the bone marrow. 

Another student is working on screening biological compounds  that disaggregates porcine (pig) adipose tissue in vitro  for possible use in the in situ lipolysis procedure.

The PhD degree in stem cell biology offered by the Panama College of Cell Science is both scholarly and affordable at only $3200 USD/year if paid in full in advance; or $3450 USD/year with a payment plan.

And, although offered internationally from the Republic of Panama, the PhD degree from the Panama College of Cell Science has been deemed equivalent to a PhD degree from a regionally accredited US college or university by qualified international education reviewers:

If you are looking for an online biology Ph.D. degree that presents the most exciting and current topic-stem cell biology- this is it. Particularly relevant to chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and even M.D.’s who want to learn more about the therapeutic application of stem cells, the program at the Panama College of Cell Science stresses stem cell therapy and current applications in use today for our most serious conditions and diseases. You will learn techniques, approaches, and gain knowledge that can be incorporated into your own practices. And our 3 year online PhD degree in stem cell science is also a terrific educational add-on for those already in the pharmaceutical field.

When it comes to studying the hottest topic in biology today, stem cell biology is where the action and the jobs are.

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Offered by the Panama College of Cell Science 3 year online PhD degree in Stem Cell Science 

Please kindly review our Curriculum, and if you like it, we welcome you to join us:

Liberal transfer credits permitted for professionals with postgraduate degrees in nursing, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, medical doctors, as well as doctors of osteopathy, and many others. Join the world leaders in stem cell clinical research and regenerative medicine applications available today.

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