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The Panama College of Cell Science is always on top of the stem cell medicine field. Our Curriculum and our courses are always updated and changed to keep up with this exciting new field of biology and medicine.

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“Exosomes and the Rise of Birth Tissues” is the very latest new course created for the Curriculum. Walter P. Drake, Director of the Panama College of Cell Science introduces the course in an excerpt from the course Syllabus:

“When you reach this course, you will have already completed our course concerning the very important “paired-mice” experiment. In this course we delve deeper into what “serum factors” are that are responsible for in vivo stem cell activation and bodily repair functions.

When we first stumbled upon the paired mice experiment, and the later experiments showing that only “young” plasma was needed to generate repair of injured mice tissue and other conditions (rather than any transplantation of cells) we found this to be a troubling observation for stem cell therapy. This was troubling because stem cell therapy for the last 20 years worldwide has been concentrating on the collection, identification, expansion (multiplication), and transplantation of stem cells to achieve a therapeutic result.

So we have been teaching for over 10 years at the College that ultimately it will be serum factors and messenger molecules, not stem cells, that will be the true therapeutic breakthrogh in disease control.

Now, the first thing to refresh yourselves about is that the US is last in stem cell therapy. So, for you US students, do not be looking in the US for any therapy or stem cell medicine nor any advances in the field. That has been squashed. When we talk about advances in stem cell therapy we are ALWAYS referring to international treatment centers, the great centers in Thailand, Panama, and most recently the excellent new treatment facility in Mexico using exosomes from umbilical cord and amniotic fluids, R3 Stem Cell Institute:

Curiously though, it was in the US that the need for exosomes rather than stem cells was actually proven. Rather than permit physicians in the US to offer simple in-office stem cell therapies using the patients own stem cells, the US Food and Drug Administration has always been hell-bent on approving “off the shelf” stem cell products. So, it approved bare bones umbilical cord stem cells for use in therapy. Any physician can buy some some UCB cells (stem cells from umbilical cord blood) and inject these into their patients. Problem is, they do not work. Nothing happens. There has never been any therapeutic result observed nor any paper published anywhere in the world demonstrating the effecitiveness of “bare bones” UCB’s for anything!

So, what happend next, beginning around 2019-2020 was the realization (almost 15 years after the paired mice experiment) that it must be exosomes and small messenger molecules, serum factors and the like that are needed. Recall that SVF (stromal vascular fraction) is the liquid gold of stem cell therapy, cures and controls a variety of conditions and diseases, and is made up of not only stem cells, but a potpourri of exosomes, extracellular vesicles, serum factors, messenger molecules, and endothelial stimulators, all of which participate in achieving various therapeutic results.

So, we can thank the US FDA for proving that stem cells do not work in therapy without associated exosomes and other non-cellular biologics!

And now, as of 2021, the entire field of stem cell therapy is focused on using exosomes. And where are these found? The easiest source is amniotic fluid and other birth tissues like placental tissue, umbilical cord blood, and Wharton’s jelly, all of which have been shown to contain hundreds of identified exosomes. And that is why we named our newest course:

Exosomes and the Rise of Birth Tissues

The Panama College of Cell Science newest Curriculum can be found HERE:

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