A Biology Degree with No General Education Requirements

Undergraduate Biology Degree With No General Education Requirements

The Panama College of Cell Science offers an undergraduate degree in Biology with No General Education Requirements. And no second language requirement either.

Instead of wasting two years of your undergrad time taking worthless and useless general courses we give you a two year concentrated schedule of science courses followed by entry into our PhD program in stem cell biology so you graduate in 5 years with BOTH a B.S. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Stem Cell Science!!

In about the same time it takes many students to graduate with a Bachelor degree, you will have a PhD degree in biology equivalent to a regionally accredited US college or university.

Many many college students are unhappy about taking general education courses unrelated to their major. Why pay good money for courses you are not interested in nor useful. Time spent on taking more courses in your chosen major would be more beneficial, and that’s what we give you. These are the undergraduate biology courses included in our 2 year undergraduate program leading to entry into our 3 year PhD program:

Introduction to Biology


Pond Water Biology

Biology Lab Techniques and Protocols I

Biology Lab Techniques and Protocols II

Introduction to Genetics

Cell Biology

Plant Biology

Marine Biology


Forensic Biology

Biology Seminars


Biology Independent Studies

With our program, you can avoid all general education classes and concentrate on your interest: Biology!!

Why do colleges continue to require general education courses anyway? Why should a math major be forced to take history, or a history major be forced to take math? And how helpful are all those second language courses??? Not much. Colleges continue to mandate your taking worthless courses because they have a whole lot of professors that they have to keep busy. This is old-fashioned education to be sure. These colleges are interested in their own profits and maintaining the old fashioned status quo, not in serving their students. Many times you cannot even graduate from such colleges on time because this or that required general education course was “full”.

General education courses? That’s what high school is for!! People get their general education is high school, it is not necessary to continue with a more general education courses as an undergraduate preparing for a professional career or further training in their chosen field. General education courses are a waste of time and a waste of money.

Even the U.S. Department of Education believes general education courses are unnecessary. “Seat time”, which is the foundation of “accreditation” in the USA, is the old fashioned, outdated requirement that a student spend a required amount of time including the taking of required general studies courses in order to receive a Bachelors Degree. In its “National Education Technology Plan 2010”,  the US Department of Education recognized that “seat time” has got to go. At Page 12 of the report: “One of the most basic assumptions in our education system [accreditation] is time-based or “seat-time” measures of educational attainment…. [colleges and universities should be organized] around competence rather than seat time and others that enable more flexible scheduling that fits studentsʼ individual needs rather than traditional academic periods and lockstep curriculum pacing.”

We do not waste your time and we do not waste your money. Rather, we follow Brown University, an outstanding institution, and one of the very few that has no general education requirements for undergraduates. That is the modern approach. Everything else is outdated, outmoded, and a waste of time and money.

So, please browse our website at stemcellcollege.wordpress.com and our undergraduate curriculum featuring no general education requirements and instead leading to a B.S./Ph.D. combined degree after 5 years: https://stemcellcollege.wordpress.com/curriculum-for-b-s-ph-d-combined-biology-degree-for-high-school-students/

The Panama College of Cell Science continues to offer the world’s only online degree in stem cell science, which is the “new biology”. We call it “hot biology”, because in biology, that is where the action is.

And if you are interested in other fields of study, our parent Blue Marble University has many similar programs in other fields without general education requirements as well.

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