15 Years of Stem Cell Education-Panama College of Cell Science

The Panama College of Cell Science continues to offer the only 3 year online Ph.D. program in stem cell biology. The only online stem cell doctoral program in the world, the College continues to train students in the new field of stem cell medicine. 

Emphasizing the study of adult stem cells, the College teaches the collection and medical use of adult stem cells through studies of:

-the immunology of adult stem cells and how immunology plays a central role in stem cell use in therapy

-the three sources of immune privileged stem cells that can be trannsplanted to anyone with no tissue typing: autologous stem cells from the patient, amniotic and umbilical cord stem cells, and fetal tissues from legally aborted fetuses

-video instruction in actual collection and isolation procedures of the most potent adult stem cells: the platelet rich fraction (PRP) from peripheral blood;  and the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from belly fat via mini-liposuction

Along the way, the Panama College of Cell Science has followed the international development of therapies, with nearly all advances ocurring overseas. Perhaps one of the single most important international findings was that adult stem cells do not need to be “differentiated” into a particular cell type prior to transplantation.  US scientists still follow the misguided requirement that a stem cell must be differentiated into a cardiomyocyte prior to transplantation into the heart.  The international community has long recognized that the cellular environment controls absolutely what kind of cell a stem cell becomes. Inject stem cells into the heart, and they immediately become heart cells and begin to repair damaged cardiac tissue.

We have watched as the US Food and Drug Administration continues to block and interfere with life saving stem cell therapies now routine overseas, where the control of our most debilitating diseases has been demonstrated time and time again.

When you graduate from the Panama College of Cell Science, you will have a thorough understanding of this new field, and how to use this “new medicine” to control and cure disease and conditions…how PRP and SVF are being used to treat orthopedic ailments and serve as alternatives to knee replacement.  In short, you will know what works and why.  And you will have a deep understanding of the actual collection and isolation procedures, along with the names of necessary equipment. You will learn you can’t just use any cetrifuge to collect the SVF. Only certain ones will be suited for this purpose and you will know why.

The Panama College of Cell Science…still training students in the stem cell arts…still contributing to the new medicine by turning out a constant wave of graduates highly knowledgeable and skilled in this new science.

If you are looking for a top biology graduate program, or to learn the newest and most sought after biology topic today, then please consider the Panama College of Cell Science 3 year online PhD program in stem cells. That is why we call stem cell biology the  “Hot Biology”.  We have  THE PhD program for working adults and career minded students.

Panama College of Cell Science
Educators in the Stem Cell Sciences for 15 years