Bioidentical Stem Cells

Essay by Walter P. Drake, Director, Panama College of Cell Science
April 12, 2017
In this essay I will coin a new term–Bio-identical Stem Cells–to clearly differentiate those adult stem cells that are useful for treatment from the synthetic made-in-a-lab embryonic stem cells that will never be useful for any therapy. The use of this term–“bio-identical stem cells” –will also serve to crush those embryonic stem cell fraudsters, the US based scientists that continue to promote hugely expensive research programs funded by the US government that are calculated not to achieve any treatment result whatsoever. In fact, for the most part, the majority of research advances heralded by the ESC crowd (embryonic stem cell scientists) are most likely artifactual, and related solely to what occurs in a petri dish when embryonic stem cells, grown for many years in an artificial environment, are studied. These results have no application whatsoever to patient therapy, and never will.

Since 2001, when extensive research was begun, not a single treatment modality using embryonic stem cells (ESC’s) has been achieved for all the billions and billions of federal research dollars that have been spent. Not a single one. Like we say in our course, “Treatment with Embryonic Stem Cells”, if any student can point us to a single study in which ESC’s can be used effectively in any treatment, please let us know and collect your “A” for this course. Since we started our College in 2005, no one has yet to collect an “A” on that basis.

Over the last few years, the ESC scientists have decided it is no longer beneficial to use the term “embryonic stem cells” that they so much favored to demonstrate they were working on the only worthwhile cells; adult stem cells were of no value and of less concern. Now, en masse, they have dropped the adjective “embryonic” and instead now only use the term “stem cells” thereby fraudulently hiding the source of cells. This new technique also offers the advantage to them to be considered part of the stunning progress being achieved with both autologous stem cells (the patient’s own) as well as umbilical cord stem cells–adult stem cells that have the unique ability to be transplantable into any patient without any matching and without the need for immunosuppressive drugs. I wonder why they are running as fast as they can from the term “embryonic stem cells”? Is it because they have been discredited by all their many years of research that has yielded nothing?? Is it because patients are now aware of the scam and want nothing to do with “embryonic stem cells” especially in any clinical trials??

We teach in our “Fundamentals of Stem Cell Biology” course:

We want to teach you your first lesson now: The term “stem cell” should be used with caution by you ONLY when you are referring to EVERY KIND of stem cell. And as you will see, this will not be often!!! For example, if the context would help to explain, you could use the term “stem cell” if you were discussing and talking about cells in an adult human. People would understand you are referring to “adult stem cells” and not embryonic stem cells. But most of the time in your studies and referencing, you will ordinarily be referring ONLY to either Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC’s) or Adult Stem Cells (ASC’s), or possibly to Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (IPSC’s). Another shorthand for Embryonic Stem Cells is “ES cells”. It is a common fraudulent practice among committed embryonic stem cell scientists (and their reporting institutions) to comment or report on advances being made with Adult Stem Cells, as showing progress in “stem cell research”, intending to imply thereby that progress toward cures is being achieved with Embryonic Stem Cells, and hence that funding of Embryonic Stem Cell Research should remain at a high level. So, please don’t talk about “stem cell research”, when you really mean “embryonic stem cell research”. And please don’t state something like a “recent advance in stem cell research” when in fact the advance was in Adult Stem Cell Research”. We hope our graduates will be careful, meticulous, and accurate when it comes to stem cell biology terminology. Don’t be lazy or inaccurate…use the full term (embryonic stem cell, or adult stem cell) or the common abbreviations: ES cells or ESC, ASC.

The ESC fraudsters no longer want to be working with embryonic stem cells, they just want to tell everyone they are working on “stem cells”. Why?? Because they are embarrassed to disclose the source of the cells!!!

The use of the new term “bio-identical stem cells” will fix this new fraud. Because when you talk bio-identical, it can never mean synthetic lab-derived embryonic stem cells. It will always only mean stem cells that are derived from your body–autologous adult stem cells–the preferred source of cells being used worldwide to effectively treat many diseases. Worldwide…except in the US!!

So where does the term bio-identical stem cell come from?? I realized the great similarity with progress in bio-identical hormone treatment. Suzanne Somers-everyone has heard of her–exposed the truth about hormone therapy. That patients were being treated with adulterated hormones (estrogen and testosterone) that were specifically designed by the pharmaceutical companies to be different from your body’s own hormones…to be different so that they could be patentable. She pointed out that these synthetic pharmaceutical hormones contained extra molecules on purpose. When asked what happens to these extra molecules attached to the hormone when given to the patient, the answer given was: “Oh, that extra part is sloughed off by biochemical processes within the body”. Hmmm, maybe the patients that got cancer from these hormone treatments were the ones that couldn’t slough off that extra molecule effectively!!! It took nearly 10 years for Suzanne Somers to change the face of hormone therapy so that patients are today treated with much safer and non-cancer causing bio-identical hormones. No one today would even think of using the old fashioned synthetic hormones manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies…everyone knows about bio-identical hormones which are now readily available. In fact, even the name for hormone therapy has been changed from HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to BHRT (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy). And we can all thank Suzanne Somers for this!!!

By analogy, the pharmaceutical companies and big university research centers want only to work on designer stem cells–i.e. embryonic stem cells–that can be patented and yield billions in profits. Only one problem…after a trillion dollars invested over time by the US government in building fancy new buildings for the Embryonic Stem Cell Lobby…it doesn’t work. Embryonic stem cells cannot be used in therapy because they cause tumors and require the patient to take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection. But the US government, controlled and lobbied by the most powerful lobby in the world (the US pharmaceutical industry) aided by their buddies in the universities seeking everlasting research funding, continues to excessively fund worthless embryonic stem cell studies to the exclusion of equally funding of adult stem cell research.

So, we have on the one hand the synthetic embryonic stem cells which researchers keep trying develop for therapy; and on the other hand the bio-identical stem cells which are being used worldwide in therapy today.

If we can start using this new term, the source of stem cells in any discussion or report will be clearly determinable. And if the term “stem cells” is used, we can all easily understand that the writer, author, or speaker is talking about synthetic embryonic stem cells.

Patients entering any clinical trial in the US, always ask: Are these stem cells bio-identical?? That way, as was found with hormone therapy, you will be assured the treatment involves only your own adult stem cells and will be safe.

Cord blood and other placental tissue is also a good source for treatment because they are also adult stem cells that do not cause tumors and do not require immunosuppression. The premier stem cell treatment center in the world is the Stem Cell Institute-Panama. Compare what treatments they are offering with adult stem cells compared to the total absence of any therapies in the US:

I have said many times, that when a Senator of higher US government official has to go overseas for a stem cell treatment, a new bell will ring in the halls of Congress!!

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