Use of Menstrual Blood Stem Cells in Therapy

Editor’s Note: The following is a paper presented to the Faculty of the Panama College of Cell Science by graduate student Tom Wey, Director, Omega/BioChem Laboratories (56 Park Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 USA) concerning stem cells found in menstrual blood. This very new and very important source of adult stem cells is sure to be further studied for immediate treatment modalities because menstrual blood stem cells can be transplanted to any patient without any immune consequences…no need for any immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection. There are only three other sources of stem cells that can be used now in therapy: (1) Autologous stem cells taken from a patient and either transplanted to a site or first multiplied and then transplanted; (2) Stem cells from umbilical cord blood of a newborn baby that can be transplanted to any patient; (3) Stem cells from fetal tissue harvested from legal abortions (NOT embryonic stem cells, these are adult stem cells!), which also may be transplanted to any patient. So, we now find that adult stem cells from menstrual blood can also be used in the therapy of any patient!!

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