What a Great Exam Looks Like at the Panama College of Cell Science

This Final Exam in our course, Blood-Components, Separation, Labeling was presented by our graduate student, Sayali Kale Kandari. It represents a sample of the kind of work and effort we and our students strive to produce.

The online Ph.D. program in stem cell biology offered by the Panama College of Cell Science is the only one of its kind in the world. It is a great biology program if what you are looking for is the “new biology” of stem cell medicine. 

Our Ph.D. degree, although from an unaccredited foreign College, is nonetheless equivalent to a Ph.D. degree from a regionally accredited US college or university, based on evaluations made by professional foreign education reviewers used by many foreign students to get their education approved for use in the U.S.

Please scroll through the paper immediately below, and Click on the “full screen” icon at the bottom right of the item: 

If you prefer, the complete paper in PDF form can be downloaded here:

Blood Final Exam

The Panama College of Cell Science