Photobiomodulation and Stem Cell Activation

Here at the Panama College of Cell Science, our graduate students try to stay on top of the hottest, most advanced techniques involving stem cell therapy.

So, recently the question arose as to whether a patient’s dormant, inactive stem cells could be stimulated by external physical means to become curative and anti-aging.

In order to appreciate this idea, a review of the SVF is in order. We call SVF the liquid gold of stem cell therapy. Short for the “Stromal Vascular Fraction”, it is obtained from mini-liposuction following which the stem cells, and other cytokines, growth factors and so forth are separated from the fatty tissue, and the stem cells are “activated” using a light box.  Then, along with the other “ingredients” such as endothelial growth factors, endothelial cells, cytokines and many other molecules, the stem cell mixture is injected back into the patient for therapeutic purposes.

Note that the stem cells from the mini-liposuction must be light-activated prior to use in therapy.

Recently, senior staff of the Panama College of Cell Science, led by Dr. Walter P. Drake, completed an extensive inquiry into various light modalities and other physical techniques, in the hopes of identifying a modality that could possibly stimulate stem cells in situ (inside the patient).

Unfortunately, we came up empty and found that photobiomodulation is way over sold and of only marginal utility in any condition. Yes,  there is pretty good evidence that light therapy can help with wound healing, but in that situation, you are treating an open wound…the light doesn’t have to penetrate very deeply to create an effect. Otherwise, due to penetration issues, light therapy, whether IR, near IR, green, laser or otherwise is only marginally effective for anything.

As noted by Graeme Glass in his paper: ““Photobiomodulation: The Clinical Applications of Low-Level Light Therapy”, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 41, Issue 6, June 2021, Pages 723–738.

“In the gray area between the commercial and therapeutic sectors, harnessing the clinical potential in reproducible and scientifically measurable ways remains challenging.”

Well, that says it all!!!

If you would like to learn more, please read our in  depth review entitled: “Review of Possible External Procedures for Stimulating Stem Cell Activity In Situ” in which we close with this note: 

There will be a method found to activate dormant stem cells, which hopefully might obviate the need for, or be a substitute for, stem cell therapy using SVF, which is barred in the US. Possibly this may be found in:

A. Intravenous nutritional supplementation
B. Transdermal stem-chemistry administering stem cell activating compounds
C. Oral Supplements such as Stem-Kine (lactobacillus cell walls) that boost circulating stem cells.

So, the search continues.

Please Click Here for the in depth report: Review of Possible External Procedures for Stimulating Stem Cell Activity In Situ

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