Dr. Victor Details Why the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is Still the Liquid Gold for Stem Cell Therapy 2022

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In this Post we present a terrific instructional video by Dr. Steven Victor of New York, the “inventor” of the SVF fraction which has taken the world of stem cell therapy by storm. His protocol is now used in most major international stem cell centers.

Below the video, you can download the full transcript, wherein we have highlighted some of the most important points he makes.

Dr. Victor continues to treat patients primarily for cosmetic/aesthetic purposes in New York. But for the IV treatment using SVF for diseases and serious conditions, one must go overseas, either to his clinic in Dubai; or to a different international stem cell center in Mexico or Thailand. On to the video:



The very important points made are:

1. The precise term for stem cells isolated from fatty tissue is “stromal vascular fraction stem cells” [@7:20]

2. In treating a patient for arthritis, he noticed that the patient’s face improved and that she felt “younger” [@8:13]

3. He began using SVF to regrow hair for men [@10:14]

4. In comparing using PRP for hair loss vs SVF, he notes that SVF has 10,000 more cytokines than PRP. [@10:47]

5. The therapy is expensive, $10,000 for facial injections to $25,000 for IV. [@12:36]

6. Contrary to peripheral blood stem cells, stem cells harvested from adipose tissue (the SVF) become activated prior to patient treatment and “are as young as the day you were born”. [@15:00]

7. The facial improvements continue for years after one treatment, can last 5-10 years [@17:45]

8. Quick summary of the procedure @20:27

9. Exosomes discussed and don’t work@20:17.

10. SVF Improves or cures ED @27:12

11. Exosomes are too unstable for cosmetic purposes and will not work by attempting to put them in a jar @31:13


The Full Transcript can be downloaded and printed Here: TranscriptOfDrVictorVideoJan2022

This POST follows and supports the Address by Dr. Walter P. Drake of January 2022 to the effect that the future of stem cell therapy lies in the use of the Stromal Vascular Stem Cells harvested from a patient’s adipose tissue (belly fat); and that Exosomes are not likley ot lead to any therapies.

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