What Makes a Great Biology Doctoral Program

The Panama College of Cell Science teaches all aspects of stem cell biology, from basic research to current therapeutic uses of stem cells in therapy

The Panama College of Cell Science Teaches
All Aspects of Stem Cell Science

When searching for a great biology PhD program, you will have many choices. Here is why we think the PhD program in stem cell biology at the Panama College of Cell Science is the best:

1. Cutting edge advanced program in stem cell biology. We were the first and still only online Ph.D. program in stem cell science. When you are searching for a biology graduate program, one very important point is whether it is hot and relevant to current institutions. Teachers and researchers in stem cell science are among the most sought after employees within the biology field. A PhD graduate in stem cell biology is among the most respected professional at this time, in the medical field, pharmaceutical industry, for research and teaching.

2. Lab techniques. You will learn actual step by step lab procedures relevant to in vitro cell culturing, as well as actual separation and collection techniques currently used  for harvesting stem cells in the clinical environment. While we serve students from 5 continents and have no actual lab, we offer excellent video lab instruction similar to top medical schools. Graduates can walk into any lab and know the equipment and procedures and be ready to take on any ongoing projects. In most cases, we all learn “on the job”. All you need is to be familiar with the field and what is occurring now.

3. Affordability. We have most likely the most affordable PhD biology program in the world: $3450 per year with no interest payment plan; or $3200 per year with advance lump sum annual payment. And that includes ALL books, texts, learning materials. Everything is included in our price,  including your Academic Record and final Degree.

4. Totally online and available 24/7. We offer an asynchronous program, which means you do not have to be on the internet at the same time as your Instructor. All materials are available for download at all times.

5. Teaching Staff are Experts in the Stem Cell Field. Our Instructor/Mentors are experts in the field. Walter P. Drake. the Director and also part-time Instructor/Mentor has studied the field for over 15 years and is a published scientist within the stem cell field.

So please consider the Panama College of Cell Science when searching for a top flight, affordable, and avant-garde biology doctoral program.

A foreign graduate school, the Panama College of Cell Science offers an online PhD degree in stem cell biology that is equivalent to a PhD awarded by a regionally accredited US college or university. If desired, students may obtain a certificate of equivalency from a professional foreign education evaluator upon completion of the program and for a nominal cost.

Stem Cell Biology is Hot Biology, the most wanted and the most desirable biology PhD degree.

Panama College of Cell Science
3 Year Online Stem Cell Biology PhD


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