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The Panama College of Cell Science has been presenting its 3 year online Ph.D. degree program in stem cell biology since 2005. Over the years, our stem cell Curriculum and focus has always been updated and modernized in order to keep up with this exciting new and distinct field of biology.

Still in its infancy, stem cell medicine has grown rapidly both in the deployment of therapies worldwide, as well as in the increased manufacturing capability of stem cell related biologicals and equipment.

If you are a biologist, or graduated college with a degree in biology, the graduate study of stem cell biology is the best field to study and become a part of. And the online PhD program in stem cell biology presented by the Panama College of Cell Science is the best in the world.

The program is led by Walter P. Drake, co-author of the first paper published in the United States confirming the safety of adult stem cell transplants in a variety of diseases: Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction

The College was the first to teach that it is not the transplantation of stem cells themselves, but rather serum factors such as exosomee, cytokines, and messenger molecules that cause reparative functions in patients. Now we see much greater emphasis on studying exosomes and extracellular vesicles for purposes of therapy.

Stem cell biology has led to an entirely new field of medicine…stem cell medicine, in which stem cells are being used worldwide to cure or control our most debilitating diseases. Pharmaceutical companies are now distributing stem cell biologics intended for curative treatments. And new equipment and disposables are being devised for collecting stem cells from patients, sorting them, labeling them, and growing them in batch reactors.

If you study stem cell biology as a graduate student, an entire new industry is now open to you, that straddles biology, organ regeneration via stem cell applications, bio-engineering involving stem cell and exosome manufacturing, as well as medical applications and disease treatments.

So, if you really enjoy the study of biology…go where the action is: Stem Cell Biology!!! A big new field that is only getting bigger and bigger and will be the foundation for an entirely new form of medical treatment of disease. Pills will be left behind and patients will be treated biologically to promote and boost the body’s self healing mechanisms. 

So, check out the Panama College of Cell Science online PhD program in stem cell biology. Very affordable, tuition is still only $3450 USD per year with a paymernt plan. We have a scholarly online biology PhD program that will enable graduates to walk into any stem cell lab and be productive. And do not worry that the program is not lab based. Read Why Our Online Biology PhD Program is Better Than Lab-Based

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