Seeking Graduate Students for Stem Cell Biology

The Panama College of Cell Science continues to offer the only 3 year online PhD program in stem cell biology in the world. We are a world class biology graduate school and both our program and our students are scholarly.

Why should you study stem cell biology?? Because not only is it the new biology presenting all manner of cellular mechanisms to study, but it is also the basis for the “new medicine” based on patient specific therapy using the patient’s own stem cells.

Why should you study at our graduate school? Because contrary to everything you have been told,  adult stem cells and ONLY adult stem cells have any role in the treatment of disease. Embryonic stem cells, which are studied intently everywhere else as having the “potential” for cures, will never have any therapeutic role and the worldwide community (except in the US) has long abandoned embryonic stem cells in favor of using adult stem cells to cure many of mankind’s most difficult diseases. We teach about adult stem cells because if you, like most physicians and patients, believe that the end game of stem cell research is patient care, then the study of adult stem cells is where all the action is now and is going to be for a long time to come.

Graduates of the Panama College of Cell Science stem cell program are needed in the pharmaceutical industry, bio-medical industry developing adult stem cell cures and biologicals to help physicians deliver therapies, and of course in teaching roles in which a more balanced view of stem cells should be taught.

We are tired of the rampant propaganda to the effect that adult stem cell therapy is “unproven”. Whole countries outside of the US, not just individual clinicians, are behind the push to use adult stem cells in therapies. And even in the US some physicians, not worried about being ostracized or  being labelled as religious fanatics for wanting to experiment with adult stem cells, are quietly treating a few patients with adult stem cells. In fact they have generated almost 1000 clinical trials using adult stem cells, according to the US government website!

So, yes, we are seeking more graduate students for our online doctoral program in stem cell biology. Because the US needs knowledgeable researchers like you to work in clinics and to help push for more treatment modalities so that patients do not have to travel overseas for adult stem cell therapy.

Why not take a look at our 3 year online PhD curriculum in stem cell biology. You might find something that intrigues you.

Applications are accepted at any time and are always free.

The Panama College of Cell Science, located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, offers the only 3 year online doctoral program in stem cell biology leading to  a PhD degree. Sponsored in part by the Drake Biomedical Institute, the program can be completed entirely online and features a USA style curriculum that meets the equivalency standards for foreign education, comprising a total of 72 trimester credits. And at $2,950 USD per year (with payment plan, or $2,700 per year lump sum payment), you get a lot for your money!

The Panama College of Cell Science…

Still the World’s Best Graduate Stem Cell Program

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