An Example of a Course Lecture

The following is an example of a course video lecture. In this lecture, Nadia Rosenthal PhD, Senior Scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, discusses the normal, yet surprising,  decrease in stem cells in the heart over time.

Video Chapters:  5:24–Intro/Purpose —Aging Characteristics 7:43–Do Stem Cells Cause Aging? –Older Muscles = Less Stem Cells 12:44–Notch-Delta Signaling — Declines w/ Age 16:49—Environ. Affect on Stem Cells —Questions: 25:01–How Do Muscle Cells Detect Injury? 28:52–Do Progeria Patients Lose Stem Cells Earlier? 31:18–Human Heart: Poor Regeneration 37:58–A Look @ Heart Regeneration 52:34— Experiment: Causing Heart Regeneration 55:25–Acknowledgement for Lab Students