Why Biology Majors Should Study Stem Cells

The Panama College of Cell Science offers an in depth PhD program in stem cell biology and stem cell science. We believe that “This is the New Medicine, a quantum leap in treating our most difficult diseases” states Walter Drake, Acting Dean of the College: “Biologists well versed in this field will be in demand for years to come.”

Just visit the blog of Don Margolis to learn of the many many miracles being achieved internationally using adult stem cells, also referred to as “repair stem cells”. These are cells obtained from the patient themselves, sometimes multiplied in a lab or in other cases just concentrated, and then re-injected back into the patient. When Walter first came to Thailand in 2001 he read about the curing of blindness in a patient by the injection of adult stem cells. Now, more and more stories are coming out concerning blindness cases, as shown by the recent post by Don: “14-month old can see, thanks to stem cells”.

Don is a pioneer in stem cell treatments. Just when Walter was reading about the curing of blindness in Thailand, Don, also an American, was already in Bangkok successfully involved with a group treating heart patients (many from the USA) with injection of stem cells recovered from the patient’s own blood. The group was headed by a Thai cardiologist who had trained and become an expert at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for over 20 years, and then left around 2000 because of the US restrictions on stem cell treatments.

It is impossible to read Don’s blog without becoming very enthusiastic about this new science. But one thing is missing…in nearly every case, patients have to travel outside the USA to obtain treatment. Our mission at the Panama College of Cell Science is to train more scientists to push for stem cell treatments in the US and worldwide using repair stem cells.