Stem Cell College News

The Panama College of Cell Science is the only online biology graduate school offering a doctoral degree in stem cell biology. If you review our curriculum at

you will note that our 3 year online program is divided into essentially three sections:

1. Study of Basic Sciences

2. Study of Stem Cell Biology

3. Presentation of Dissertation

Our Basic science portion of the curriculum covers biochemistry, embryology, enzymology, virology, molecular biology, physiology and human anatomy, and immunology. In particular, a thorough understanding of both Embryology and Immunology is required for the advanced study of stem cell biology.

Our stem cell studies courses include Blood, Hormonal Rejuvenation, Fundamentals of Stem Cell Biology, Stem Cells-Embryonic, Stem Cells-Adult and Fetal, Stem Cell Laboratory Protocols, Human Regenerative Biology, Disease Treatment with Autologous Stem Cells, Fetal and Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment, and Growth Media. Although presented entirely online, our program emphasizes laboratory protocols and stem cell expansion techniques. Our graduates develop a broad understanding of the field while studying the entire panoply of this new science. Graduates will be able to contribute at any level in their future endeavors.

The dissertation portion of the program is designed to develop and test independent thought and the scientific method. Our Research and Methodology course reviews correct scientific citation, and correct structure for research papers.

Generous credit is offered against our required basic science courses for students with a Masters Degree or other training/education which we deem equivalent to one of more of our basic science requirements.

For a sample of a typical basic sciences report by one of our graduate students, Click Here

At the Panama College of Cell Science, we only have one program, and we do it well.