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The Panama College of Cell Science now offers an exciting laboratory-based option to students who prefer to complete a dissertation based on actual stem cell research. Up to now, our graduate students have done elegant “reviews” to meet their dissertation requirement. These review papers have been published in peer reviewed journals as well as through other outlets such as Amazon. In a “review”, the student selects a very current topic within the stem cell field and proceeds to summarize the most prominent and latest articles, not only establishing the current consensus but more importantly describing where that aspect of the field is now and synthesizing where it is likely to be proceeding. New hypotheses and ideas for future experiments are presented. The purpose of the dissertation—to demonstrate a command of stem cell science and ability to think independently—is thus accomplished.

Now, through the generosity of US Stem Cell Inc., one of the premier regenerative medicine companies in the US, a lab based research option is available, that would allow some graduate students to perform actual stem cell research in connection with their dissertation requirement. Lab based research is not required, however. Our full announcement follows:

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Our PhD candidates may choose to complete a laboratory based research project for their thesis in the stem cell research laboratories of US Stem Cell Inc., which has access to both human and animal samples. Research initiatives undertaken could entail in vivo or in vitro studies and have a direct bearing on the advancement of adult stem cell therapy in the US and globally.

US Stem Cell Inc. ( is the pre-eminent biotechnology company based in the US, with both international research facilities as well as international treatment centers. The Company specializes in the development of autologous cell therapies for the treatment of various diseases and injuries. Through its partial ownership of US Stem Cell Clinic, the Company continues to develop and deliver cellular treatments for patients afflicted with neurological, autoimmune, orthopedic and degenerative diseases through the isolation of stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue with associated platelet-rich plasma in compliance with the FDA rules that allow for same day medical procedures to be considered the practice of medicine. US Stem Cell Inc. has a full scale cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) laboratory with all laboratory testing equipment available for use. In the foreseeable future, regenerative medicine, especially stem cell therapies will become the gold standard of care for the treatment of most degenerative diseases and health conditions.

The Lab Based Research Option is available only to US based students, as the College does not have the staff to participate in any Visa issues for foreign based students. Foreign based students should look for stem cell hands-on training sessions available from time to time in their home countries which will be included in your Academic Record.

For US based students, thesis research topics will be assigned to those graduate students who may be interested in a lab based research project. The project must be jointly approved by both the College and US Stem Cell, and will be based on the current interests of the Company and the College at that time. Students are welcome to browse the website of US Stem Cell [] to learn about their research activities and further guidance will be provided by College staff.

The Company is located in Sunrise, Florida, and therefore graduate students wishing to access this opportunity must be able to make arrangements for housing and living at their own expense. Additional expenses for laboratory materials will be determined once projects are assigned. It is contemplated that 3-6 months of research would be needed for a well organized graduate student, especially since it is our policy that the dissertation be completed and published within 1 year. We have many simple yet elegant experiments that can be completed within that time frame. And we typically look for a thesis no longer than 20 pages that can be published in a peer reviewed journal.

Our liason with the US Stem Cell is Kristin Comella PhD, the Chief Science Officer, acclaimed expert in stem cell therapies and recently listed as #1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. You can read more about Dr. Comella on the US Stem Cell website:

If you are able to participate in a research activity with this quality bio-medical company, your experience and knowledge gained will help you to become an expert in the field.

Further information and questions: 

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Students are not required to conduct laboratory research, and can always choose to complete a “review” paper to meet the dissertation requirement.

Our international students should strive to obtain hands-on training in stem cell techniques by attending training courses and training labs in their home countries. Any such work completed will be prominently displayed and incorporated into your official Academic Record, and will boost your credentials.

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