Panama College of Cell Science Announces Tuition Reduction

Tuition Reduced from $3,900 USD per year with payment plan to $2,950 USD per year, and Application Fee cancelled!!

The Panama College of Cell Science, which offers the only 3 year doctoral degree in stem cell biology that can be completed entirely online via the internet, is pleased to announce a reduction in tuition fees.

Effective January 1, 2013, tuition at the College has been reduced from $3,900 USD per year (with payment plan) to $2,950 USD per year (with payment plan) for all new students who begin our program after January 1, 2013. That means that for all new student applicants who apply now to enroll in our program, the annual tuition will be $2,950 USD per year, because the next start date is January 1, 2013.

The Board of Trustees announced the tuition reduction in keeping with our long standing mission to offer an affordable graduate program in biology. “Education costs should be way lower than they are, particularly for online programs”, said Dr. Walter Drake, Acting Dean of the Panama College of Cell Science. “Online education costs are kept artificially high in order to increase profits, and that includes at the so-called ‘non-profit’ institutions”.

So, in summary, the new annual tuition for the Panama College of Cell Science is $2,950 USD per year for 3 years. This annual tuition fee may be paid in installments with no interest, of $950 USD down, and 8 monthly payments of $250 USD each. Alternatively, a student can obtain a discount by paying only $2,550 in a lump sum in advance of each year session, for a savings of $400 USD. Therefore the student has a choice each year: pay $2,950 USD via a payment plan, or pay $2,550 USD in advance in a lump sum.

Because the program, including dissertation, comprises 72 credits, the cost per credit hour is $123 USD if the normal tuition is paid via a payment plan, and $106 USD if paid via the discounted advance lump sum method.

Dr. Drake mentioned that the tuition reduction came about in part because the College has moved toward a private banking system for tuition payments and away from credit card processing, payment processors, international bank accounts, and banking fees, thereby saving substantial costs which can be passed on to our students. “Every avenue that effects a cost reduction is another cost we don’t have to pass on to our students in higher tuition fees”, he said.

The Panama College of Cell Science offers a 3 year doctoral degree in stem cell biology. Students are awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) upon completion of the program upon the recommendation of the faculty.

The curriculum offered is equivalent to that offered by a regionally accredited USA college or university, and consequently, and graduates are able to obtain a certificate stating same from various foreign education evaluation services approved by the USA Department of Education. And as an international (non USA) educational institution, we are continuing to work toward an international recognition of our program.

Those students who may be seeking a graduate program in biology that offers and online PhD program should look at us.