New Course on Blood Is Added to Curriculum

The Panama College of Cell Science recently revised its 3 year online curriculum to include a new course: “Blood- Components, Separation, Labeling, and Culture”. Because of the importance of the study of hematopoietic stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells, which can be harvested from the blood, the new course was added. “Blood is going to become the number one source of autologous stem cells for patient treatment, because of the ease of isolation relative to bone marrow or other patient sources. The second most prominent source will be fatty tissue”, reported Dr. Walter P. Drake, Director. He went on to say that “The only thing holding back full scale patient therapies with autologous adult human stem cells, is the poor technology of expansion (multiplication) of the adult stem cells to numbers high enough to be useful in therapy. This is a bio-engineering problem that will be eventually solved. I eventually see every physician having a large coffee pot size expansion chamber for multiplying patient stem cells in their office for injection of the patient!!”

The Panama College of Cell Science, a division of Blue Marble University, is the only biology graduate school in the world offering a stand-alone PhD degree in stem cell science that can be completed entirely online via distance education. It is a novel, scholarly, and fascinating program training scientists, clinicians, bio-engineers, and treatment center administrators in this “new medicine”.